We need a video for our Facebook Page!

So you’ve been asked to create a video for your business page but have no idea where to start? You only have a phone and maybe that will be sufficient?
Below is some helpful information on things to consider, additional kit you may need to purchase and environmental considerations.
If this blows your mind, why not get in touch and we can talk over your options?
Have a Plan
The first thing to consider, you absolutely MUST have a plan, an idea of what you want the end product to look like. Without this then you will waste time filming more footage than is reasonable required.
Write a list of important shots, create a storyboard – a cartoon mock up of how each scene should play out, write (and learn) a script should there be a voice over, all of which, should be done ahead of filming.
Oh and remember to bring it all with you to the shoot.
Right Way To Film
Before you hit record, take a look at your filming device, let’s say it’s the Huawei P20 Pro (other phones are available). If the phone is in it’s normal position (up and down or portrait) then stop, turn it 90 degrees anti-clockwise until the screen is now horizontal.
Result, you’ve just passed the first test and are ready to move on to the next stage.
Be the next Scorsese

Three key considerations when creating social media content from a technical point of view are: Light, Audio and Stability.

Please note that the product links are only examples, to give you an idea, and, in some cases, we’ve never used them – they are very budget dependent too.

Light – if you are recording anything, ensure you are not filming directly into a light source, eg – don’t film yourself with a window behind you during the day, this will cause your face to be darkened. Good light conditions will ensure the camera (phone or camera) will not have to crank up settings to compensate.
If you have to, get (buy or borrow) an LED panel or lighting softbox to add light to your subject, be aware of casting harsh shadows.
Audio – this has to be clean, audible and free from as much interference as possible – if you can use an external mic connected to your recording device then you will record better sound.
If recording outdoors then you will have to consider a wind guard/wind shield/ dead cat, normally these look like furry attachments to the mic (Like a Don King hairdo) – foam coverings also help reduce wind interference.
You have a few options for audio, here are just a few to consider:
The Sony TX650 is a digital voice recorder and is very handy for clipping on to clothing or surrounding areas.
The Tascam DR-10 has a lavalier (lav or lapel) mic. Excellent piece of kit. Easy to use and can be concealed on a person’s clothing.
RODE are famous for their microphones, on camera, wireless, lav mics, to suit most budgets too.
Stability – using a tripod or gimbal will vastly improve the stability of your footage, ensuring it is watchable. If you don’t have these, find a way of supporting your device so that you are not holding it. Invariably people will hold the device in their hand, the wrong way and cover the mic and then audio is impacted.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a tiny hand-held camera capable of capturing stable HD and 4K footage and it fits in your pocket, such a clever design and apt name.

DJI also produce a 3 axis stabiliser which can hold a mobile phone or a camera, the Ronin SC is their latest product and it’s well liked by many videographers for it’s lightweight feel which packs a heavyweight punch.

We use the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal, similar to the Ronin SC but it’s quite a bit heavier so requires a bit more strength when filming for longer periods of time.

A tripod is another option to provide you with stability – these can range from the flexible grip tripods to a fully extending tripod with fluid motion head – again, depends on your budget.

We use a combination of Velbon & Manfrotto

We’re happy to chat through your options, give us a shout

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