Filmmaker/Drone Guy

Likes: family, whisky, basketball, fairweather golfing

Dislikes: avocado or fish or humous, oh and olives, gads!

Fave Film(s): Top Gun, Goonies, Back to the Future, Star Wars

Fave Quote: “We were, inverted” there are others but not publishable.

Email:  lee@six4.co.uk

Lee has been a full-time filmmaker and drone pilot for the last 4 years, after taking the leap from being a business analytics geek during the week.

Our resident Remote Pilot, Lee has his PfCO (Permit for Commercial Operations), which allows us to offer aerial filming and photography.

Photo Guru

Likes: Steak, Music, The Highlands, DRINK!!!!

Dislikes: TV Talent Shows & Reality soaps like TOWIE & Made in Chelsea.

Fave Film(s): …hmmm, don’t think i can whittle it down to one…Return of the Jedi/Braveheart/Seven/The Sting/Shawshank/Dumb&Dumber

Fave Quote: but the old classic of ‘there’s no such thing as strangers – just friends you’ve yet to meet’. I know, lame. 

Email:  andy@six4.co.uk

Design Genius

Likes: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Whisk(e)y & Rum (not at the same time as Jiu Jitsu tho..not yet anyway)

Dislikes: Comic Sans & Sea Food!

Fave Film(s): … Easy one.. Robocop, there is no greater film. Well… Except Jurassic Park, but its like 50/50 Dinosaurs might edge it… I’m emotionally torn right now!

Fave Quote: “I do it because it’s hard. Because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And because it never ends. Every day presents me with a series of problems that I spend the rest of the day thinking about how I might solve — or at least chip away at. Next day same. And the day after that.”  – Anthony Bourdain

Email:  craig@six4.co.uk

Photo Genius



Fave Film(s): 

Fave Quote: 

Email: Keith@six4.co.uk 

Keith is the newest member of the team and brings a number of years experience as well as a love for skateboarding to our team.

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